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Belina sp. z o.o. is a Polish company whose mission is to bring refreshment!

We have been in the FMCG business for over 30 years, producing the highest quality juices and beverages. We dedicate our products to all consumers who are looking for tasty hydration, sweetness and energy! We offer a wide range of beverages, including products for children that are made only with natural flavors, without preservatives, artificial colorings and sweeteners.

Belina sp. z o.o. also offers perfectly refreshing lemonades made from selected ingredients, isotonic drinks for athletes, full-flavored carbonated drinks or energy drinks. Each of the products is created on the basis of recipes carefully developed by our specialists. The passion and experience of our experts provide the drinks with a unique taste, and above all, excellent quality. Both Polish and foreign customers have already trusted us.

Our products are exported to the USA, Iraq, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, the UK and Hungary.


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